Stay Safe

The latest edition of Maya Maya, from July 2020, is no compromise on the normal Maya Maya Style and glamour.

You can drive to us easily, you can park right at our front door and you can walk to us easily too, see the ‘Where are we?’ section if you are unsure of our location.

Post Covid guidelines, please read before visiting:

  • Masks must be worn within Government guidelines
  • After much reading on the transference of Covid19, I found handbags likely to be one of the biggest problem items for the transference of this, and many, viruses. Therefore, on entering our premises, we will provide new jute bags for you to place your handbags in. We will then quarantine them before re use.
  • Outdoor coats must be left at the door, or in your cars if possible.
  • We have a forehead thermometer to check ours, and everyone’s temperature, on entry.
  • A hand sanitising station at the door too, this is not optional.
  • All postal deliveries are via our back door, and never enter the shop floor.
  • Our fitting rooms are fabric free and cleaned thoroughly after every use.
  • We steam and quarantine clothing that has been tried on within the government guidelines.

We hope you can see that we endeavour to keep our environment 'any' virus free, let alone Covid19.

With that in mind, once in the shop, its business as usual, with some good old fashioned, retail therapy.


We look forward to seeing you.