How To Find Us

Where are we? New Location: LA9 4RU. For Satnav.

On the map, click here

Travelling IN to Kendal from Windermere:

Turn left at the traffic lights at the bottom of Windermere Road onto Burneside Road. Then follow the directions below***

Kendal towards Windermere:

Turn right at the traffic lights at the bottom of Windermere Road into Burneside Road.

***Take the 3 rd turning on the right into Dockray Hall estate.

Turn left into Dockray and you will see Kendal Quality Carpets, we are to the left of, and behind KQC.


Travelling OUT of Kendal

If you are coming to us from out of Town, as many of you do. I would advise taking the bypass towards Windermere and drop into Kendal from the Crook roundabout. Saves negotiating Kendal’s one way system. #result!


Walking? And I didn’t know this walk existed!

There is a nice walk along the river, from Stramongate or Victoria bridge (Batman Bridge as locals know it as!) You really cant miss the estate and we are to the left and behind Kendal Quality Carpets. If its first thing you will probably see Bev and Leanne,, this is their new route to work. Nice!

And of course, we have FREE parking right at our front door and our outside decking/seating area. Now THAT is very easy!